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After a long break as leader, Théo Zipper is back with a new adventurous band. "Sauvage" is a collection of 7 musical pieces and are the result of his last years of work as a composer and bass player. A long and intense process marked by travels, encounters, and a taste for experimentation.

Every track illustrates an introspective part of his journey. Movement, time and mystery are all present. Théo is surrounded by an international collective : Lucas Vanderputten on the drums, Simon Groppe and Yannick Jacquet on piano. Two new and soulful musicians has joined the adventure, trumpeter Aristide d'Agostino and saxophonist Abel Jednak.

8 years after the well received "Faith" (2014), the journey goes on.
It's time to get the animal out of its cage.

This new record is now only available from Bandcamp.

Live session recorded at Théâtre Molière, Bruxelles

Aristide d'Agostino on trumpet
Abel Jednak on alto saxophone
Simon Groppe on piano
Lucas Vanderputten on drums
Théo Zipper on bass and composition

sound engineer : Benoît Courribet 
directed by Studio Piston, Simon Besème


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