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"Théo Zipper, a master of the four strings" - Jazzism (Netherlands)


Musician, bassist and composer, Théo Zipper is a multi-faceted artist. Raised by an artistic family, shape and movement have always been a fascination and a guideline in his musical explorations.

The bass player participates in several innovative and eclectic projects, from jazz to world and electronic music.

He's the founder of the underground Brussels-based collective of improvised music Collectif Thöz, and the bass player of the critically acclaimed band Aleph Quintet (Igloo Records). He can also be heard alongside KLLAP a duet with long time collaborator trumpeter Aristide d'Agostino, exploring the connection between free jazz and cinema. He also gives bass and electronic solo performances, sometimes joined by painters, actors or dancers. 

Théo frequently tours Belgium and the rest of the world, playing in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan.

awards & prizes : 

Jean-Marie Peterkenne Award : Best album 2023 (Aleph Quintet)
Les Lundis d'Hortense : Jazz Tour 2023 (Théo Zipper & Sauvage)
Révélation Jazz Magazine 2023 (Aleph Quintet)
Lauréat 2022 Court-Circuit (ATHERIS)
Prix de la Presse Musicale 2022 KR Magazine (Aleph Quintet)

3rd Prize La Semaine Du Son 2022 (Zipper / Burlas)
Tanit d'Argent at JMC 2019 (Aleph Quintet)
Dar Eyquem Prize at JMC 2019 (Aleph Quintet)
Best Band at Brussels Jazz Marathon 2016 (
Théo Zipper Quartet)

Public Prize at Brussels Jazz Marathon 2016 (Théo Zipper Quartet)

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