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There's no denying that there are some great people and talent on stage. The audience understood this and got a hectic, nervous and thrilling encore of "Brussels". That's what Théo Zipper's "Sauvage" is all about, a unique way of playing with emotions and going where you don't expect.

Jazzques / Jacques Prouvost (BE) - april 2022

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Aleph. A very spiritual name for a quintet that is just as spiritual. These five guys from Brussels have mixed their roots, jazz, oriental, classical, even rock, to offer a superb music that amalgamates these influences in a deeply felt alchemy. Aleph Quintet + Fabrizio Cassol works beautifully. Fabrizio entered the music of Aleph Quintet as he entered that of Scarlatti or Beethoven, that of the Indians or the Balkans. A totally successful alchemy. 

Le Soir / Le Mad - (BE) - september 2021

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No hesitations, no loaves of bread or desynchronization, the titles follow one another smoothly and the dynamics explode.  The base is solid and tonight's performance has definitely won over the audience. The overall impression left by the concert is really energy. A few calmer moments nuance the subject and allow small breaths but the valves reopen very quickly and the band starts galloping again. The two sets have been packed without realizing the time that passes, it is almost with surprise that the encore is announced.

Jazz4you (BE) - december 2018

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Promising bassist Theo Zipper and his quartet (...) paired choppy, modal grooves with mellow hooks and explored some dark harmonic corners, calling to mind the writing of Tomasz Stańko. Impressive trumpeter Aristide d'Agostino, who took the lion's share of the solos, had a little of the Polish great about him too. 

Jazzwise (UK) - juin 2017

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Théo Zipper, a master of the four strings. Always remaining faithful to these melodious themes reminiscent of his album "Faith", while improvising with passion and freedom on stage. (...) We will also note in the foreground the trumpet and the angry flugelhorn of the soloist Aristide d'Agostino who made the concert a party. Zipper proves that he is master of his 4 strings and also why this international band, operating from Belgium, was nominated as the winner of the XL-JAZZ competition.

Jazzism - (NL) - mai 2017

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It is good to have experienced something which, at the time, could have been disconcerting or unexpected but which in the end is an enriching experience. A first impression of a disparate group of brilliant individuals, who, if we take a step back, ultimately form a conjunction of elements determining a whole. (...) Going off the beaten track, a challenge not easy to take up, they do it brilliantly. An enriching discovery for all, a universe in which it would be good to immerse oneself again and again.

Jazz4you (BE) - november 2015

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(...) Beautiful electric piano solo by Yannick Jacquet, nice musical speech by Max Fortin on Flying Down. After a well mastered ballad (Nelson), Théo Zipper shows a lot of ardour on Les 7 Plumes de l'Aigle. At the moment of the encore, the group is totally free.

Jazzaround Mag' / Jacques Prouvost (BE) - septembre 2015

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A succesfull debut album ! Without being too much avant-gardistes, Théo Zipper and his musicians are affirmed melodists. It will be interesting to see what

he will proffer us in a next album.

Jazz'Halo (BE) - february 2015

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French bassist Théo Zipper is based in Belgium where he formed the quartet that we discover through this recording. After a meditative introduction, the music takes off and can be listened to very pleasantly. These musicians have a strong potential and show it without overdoing it. They believe in their music and play it with a conviction that will easily attract support. 

Culture Jazz (FR) - november 2014

Seeking out some new jazz propelled by a bass player’s sensibilities? Check out Théo Zipper Quartet’s album, Faith !

No Treble (USA) - october 2014


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